We are the only Cooperage in Jerez with our own winery, Bodegas Paez Morilla, where we season our Sherry Casks for our customers, being in this way in total control of the entire process of the creation of a Sherry Cask. We ship thousands of them every year, seasoned here with different types of Sherry, being either Oloroso, Cream, Pedro Ximénez, or others, supplying casks with the aroma, flavour and texture of the unique fortified wines from Jerez.

Our seasonings


The making of an artisanal Oak barrel, as well as a perfect wine-soaking seasoning with our extraordinary wines from the Jerez  District, give birth to a unique, unparalleled container: the Sherry Cask,  demanded worldwide for its exceptional qualities for the maturation and ageing of whiskeys and other spirits.

At Bodegas Páez Morilla, we contribute with our years of expertise in seasoning barrels with our wines for some of the best Distilleries in the world, contributing to the maturation of whiskies and spirits with the full aroma and flavour of the inimitable fortified wines from Jerez.


We also have in inventory old barrels coming from the traditional “solera and criaderas” system, purchased from different sherry companies in Jerez. All these casks are thoroughly repaired in our cooperage and are tailor-seasoned again at our winery Bodegas Páez Morilla as per our customer’s needs.

Our Sherries






Sherry-seasoned barrels or “sherry casks”

The combination of an artisanal Oak barrel with a perfect wine-soaking seasoning with our wines from the Jerez  District gives birth to an unmatched container: the Sherry Cask. Highly demanded worldwide due to its extraordinary qualities for ageing whiskeys and other spirits, thousands and thousands of casks are annually made in Jerez de la Frontera and patiently aged by the wineries of the Designation of Origin Jerez-Xeres-Sherry, to end their days in distant places, decisively participating in the maturation and refining of products of the highest quality.


The work of the Antonio Páez Lobato´s Cooperage is associated with great wines, whiskeys and spirits. This has been possible thanks to the talent of our master coopers, who have been able to transmit, through generations, their knowledge, experiences and their love for a  well done job. Family tradition company that has been combining artisan work with new contributions from oenological research for more than 70 years, to continue offering quality in its products.