Our history

The Antonio Páez Lobato cooperage was founded in 1946 as a result of Don Antonio Páez’s enthusiasm and business vision.

At Antonio Paez Lobato we have been able to transmit, through generations, our way of doing things based on the best cooper work and the high quality and reliability of our barrels. During a long training period, all our coopers learn the art of taming the wood and the very special craft of making a barrel to become, after many years, a very valuable part of our specialized production team.

Our facilities

We have got two different sites, with a total of more than 7.000 m² of covered workshops and 30.000 m² of land, where we are currently air-drying more than 12.000 m³ of Oakwood at our several yards. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery and the expertise of our coopers, we have earned a reputation for the high quality of our barrels and we enjoy the undiminishing trust of some of the best distilleries in the world.

Having two sites working simultaneously allows us to make barrels of different sizes at the same time, or use different types of wood for several customers in the same productions slot, and even to considerably increase our production if necessary. This amounts to a complete guarantee of service to our clients.


More than seven decades of experience allow us to export more than 32.000 barrels every year.


30.000 m² are dedicated to the air-drying of our Oakwood inventory and the production of the casks.


More than 12.000 m³ of Oakwood are currently air-drying at our several yards.


We are the only Cooperage in Jerez with our own winery, Bodegas Paez Morilla, where we season our Sherry Casks for our customers.

Social responsibility

One of our main goals is the commitment to society and the environment, that is why we obtained the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certification, which promotes, at an international level, the sustainable management of forests.

Sustainable energy

We are also in favour of cleaner, more sustainable energy, and our facilities are powered by photovoltaic energy, thus contributing in our modest way to caring for the environment.


Nominal PV Installation Power: 70kWn


It is estimated that the emission of 48,554 tons / year of CO2 will be avoided.


Achieving a cleaner and more sustainable economy